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Camp Calm Season 6

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Camp Calm Season 6

David Cain (Raptitude)
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Camp Calm is a simple, 30-day course for learning the basics of meditation and mindfulness, conducted mainly through email.

It's suitable for people who are completely new to mindfulness and meditation, and also for people who have some experience but have not yet established a daily practice.

Each day of the camp you will receive an email with a short reflection, a lesson, and the day's practice. Each day we learn a little about mindfulness, then we put that knowledge to use in a short meditation practice.

The idea is to invest a small amount of time every day for a month, and arrive on Day 30 with an established meditation practice and a much quieter mind.

Included in the season pass:

  • 30 daily lessons via email
  • The Camp Calm Orientation Guide
  • The Camp Calm Method Book
  • The 146-page digital guide You Are Here: A Modern Person's Guide to Living in the Present (In PDF, epub and Kindle)
  • Six audio guided meditations, in MP3 format, released throughout the course
  • Access to the discussion forum
  • Prompt answers to your questions, to the best of my ability
  • A fun, summer-camp type atmosphere for learning mindfulness
  • A supportive online community learning alongside you

Camp starts March 12th, 2018 and runs till April 10th. (NOTE: If you want to begin your camp later, that's no problem. Every season a few people do this. The course functions the same.)

My name's David and I’m your guide for the camp, but I’m also going to be doing the practices with you. You can ask me questions any time.

How much time does it take? I’m kind of busy.

The lessons can be read in less than ten minutes, and the practices typically take ten minutes.

Average time investment per day is about 20 minutes, which you can split up as you please. You could read the email at breakfast, and sit in meditation later on, or do it all first thing, or last thing—whatever works for your schedule.

In addition to meditation, we’ll be doing short mindful living practices throughout the day. These won’t take any additional time though, because you’ll be applying mindfulness to things you already do, such as walking, putting on clothes, preparing meals, and other things. They're easy and often really enjoyable.

It's going to be a lot of fun, and might just change your life. I hope you'll join us.

GST/HST included for Canadian residents. VAT added for EU residents.

What people are saying:

I am sleeping better and find that I am simply enjoying what I am doing, when I am doing it, wherever I am doing it. I’m also noticing my feelings more and the interesting effect they have on my thoughts and vice versa. It’s fascinating!

Kirsten, Toronto


I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you. My partner and I have maintained a consistent practice ever since camp ended. We miss a day every once in a while, but always get back to meditating. I’ve also stacked a gratitude journaling habit on top, and I really believe that both are improving my happiness and tranquility.

Laura, Boston


Much better control of my impulses/addictions. Much greater awareness of what is actually happening in the moment. Didn’t realize how much time I spent in my head ignoring what was literally right in front of me.

Matt, New York


Huge differences! I can’t believe how much can be gained in such a short time. I feel calmer and more in control of my emotions. I can find joy at some point, each and every day no matter how mundane the day seems. It isn’t always easy to commit to regular daily practice but the benefits are worth the effort. I honestly think it has been a life changing experience!

Kim, Manchester


Camp Calm was the perfect, stress-free way to make meditation a regular daily habit! David’s patience, wisdom and daily direction helped me to develop a skill of mindfulness that has lasted far beyond the 30-day program.

Randy, Tampa


Overall I have experienced a tremendously positive effect on many aspects of my life, most notably the improved ability to notice worried/stressful thought patterns, their effect on my body and mood, and increased ability to push those thought cycles out of my life. I’m also feeling less boredom in general and more contentment from moment to moment.

Cameron, Wellington


I’ve honestly been floored by the positive difference in my general day to day life experience. I was dubious to begin with, having heard endless proponents of meditation, but never truly believing that such a simple practice could actually have a profound influence on my existence.

Dan, Los Angeles


My general pace has slowed down a lot! I am able to be more patient with my kids, watching my actions instead of reacting most of the time. Thank you!

Rosario, California

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