How to Do Things: Productivity for the Productivity-Challenged


How to Do Things is a brief guide to getting a lot more done.

It's intended for people who are currently struggling with productivity.


  • People who know they use their work time poorly

  • People having difficulty working from home

  • People with ADHD or other executive function issues

  • People who haven’t had success implementing the methods in popular productivity books, such as Getting Things Done, Deep Work, or The Pomodoro Technique.

If this sounds like you, the Guide can help you become much more productive in a very short time. 

How to Do Things was created with a very specific goal for its readers:

1. Dramatically increase your productivity

2. Create this dramatic increase in a week or less

3. Provide this know-how in a resource you can read in one sitting and implement today.

What’s a dramatic increase? Somewhere between 50% and 200%, depending on how much room for improvement you have. If you know your current way of working is far from optimal, the method in this guide can help you make a major leap very quickly.

How to Do Things gives you a powerful, dead-simple method to get things done, designed for people who have never been great at getting things done. 

You can be knocking out your to-do list in less than an hour from now, and celebrating your victories this evening, feeling amazing.


This is the revised release, version 1.0.

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49-page PDF guide, including printable quick reference sheet

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How to Do Things: Productivity for the Productivity-Challenged

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